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1. The Sweeplings – What Have We Become

2. Erin McCarley – Into The Fire

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Саундтрак за 8х01 – Hello Brother

1. Brand New – I Am a Nightmare
2. Phantogram – Run Run Blood
3. Robot Koch – Separated (feat. Mree)
4. The Kills – Doing It to Death
5. Sleeping Wolf – The Wreck of Our Hearts

Саундтрак за 8х02 – Today Will Be Different

1. Billie Holiday – All the Way
2. The Lumineers – Stubborn Love
3. The Struts – Put Your Hands Up
4. Vancouver Sleep Clinic – Rebirth
5. Charles Bradley – Nobody but You
6. The Fray – Changing Tides

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Както във всеки епизод, така и в този имаше невероятни песни. Някои от вас може да са ви направили впечатление и желаете да ги чуете отново, но нямате заглавие? Точно затова ние ще пуснем официалния лист с песните от 7×04 – “I Carry Your Heart With Me”

1. The Vaccines “Handsome”

2. Pete Harper and J Blynn “These Boot Are Made For Walkin”

3. ”Brand New “Mene”

4. Band Of Skulls “Sweet Sour”

5. Fidlar “West Coast”

6. French For Rabbits “Goat”

7. Bohicas “To Die For”

8. Elle King “Where The Devil Don’t Go”

9. Arum Rae “What Good Is A Heart”

10.Sarah MacDougall “Malmo I Mitt Hjarta”

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